Deb Tolman


Debbie Tolman holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences/Resources and Geography from Portland State University. With over thirty years experience in academic research and landscape design, she also has extensive training in plant nutrition, economics, and environmental education. She is currently owner of Avant Gardens, a multi-purpose business with the mission of developing sustainable approaches to landscaping, education, and building practices. Based in Clifton, Texas, Debbie balances her time between research, education, writing, and sustainable community outreach. In her spare time, you can find her in her own garden!

Debbie provides a wide range of services to her clients. These include full landscape design, including self-help designs and post-design consultation and support. She also specializes in landscape implementation, in person and via teledesigning. Need something a little less intimidating? Deb is an experienced garden coach, guiding clients though projects at their own pace and within their financial parameters.

From idea to process to implementation, your outdoor dreams can be made a reality. Call or email today for current consultation, design, and service rates!




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