Deb Tolman


Currently, two complementary projects are underway. The first is the latest form of Debbie's desire to blend education, sustainability, and local processes: keyhole gardens. A distinctive yet simple concept with almost limitless applicability, Debbie has directed multiple workshops on the building and maintenance of keyhole gardens, and is available for workshops, consultation, and seminars.

In Central Texas, Debbie is also using keyhole gardens as the main source of her own food supply, and is working on ways to keep them producing throughout multiple seasons and conditions.

The second project emphasis focuses on building practices. Debbie's main focus is on cob construction; she is developing plans for her own cob and rock house in Bosque County, Texas, and has relied on her skills as a researcher as well as a growing network of like-minded builders and visionaries. For more, click here. In the meantime, Debbie is in the process of converting an unused grain silo to an off-the-grid cottage:

Included in Debbie's approach are creative ways to use resources, including building "Thai jars" to capture rainwater; water harvesting and functional art are also themes of consulations, seminars, and workshops.


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